Abe is available for solo/group performances, private lessons, master classes & school assemblies. 

Please send all inquires to abeovadiamusic@gmail.com or fill out the form below.


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"Having Abe play for the students was a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn about the music that has its roots firmly planted in our own country.  After all, it's not often our students are exposed to simple jazz with such a smooth and easy beat.  They couldn't help but clap along and enjoy the show." - Principal Sonja Franklin, Lake Placid Elementary School, Lake Placid NY

“What a GREAT assembly. The feedback from both students and staff was that this assembly was amazing. The students absolutely loved listening to Abe play while learning about different styles of music. Students talked about it for days after, leaving a positive impression.”- Principal Xavier Kimber, Brookhaven Elementary School, Rockville, MD